You Are What You Eat The Food And The Cause Of Each 6 Type Body Shapes

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It is generally believed that you are what you eat, hence different kinds of foods will naturally result in different shapes of the body. Unhealthy eating as well as bad or irregular patterns of eating generally lead to disfigured body. Although it’s not possible to change the basic structure of the body shape, exercises and dietary habits will get you a better shape and look slimmer.

Pear shape people for instance have most of their body fats stores below their waist line and they fair much better than apple shape people. People who develop pear shape body probably consume spicy, creamy and rich foods. These individuals have even energy levels and often appear strong. They also have lower chances of developing common diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.


Hourglass body shape is regarded as the perfect body shape because the upper and lower body parts are in good proportion. This group of people is composed of people with slim waist line. The body scale and vertical proportions of an hourglass shape body is very perfect. These people eat lots of fiber containing foods and as a result they don t store much fat as their digestive system works perfectly. These people also consume low calorie foods including grains, whole cereals, wheat, green vegetables and more of proteins. These people eat diets that are low in unsaturated fats (they consume more of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids).

V-shaped body is considered as the ideal shape for men. This group of people builds more muscles at the chest and upper body region and their fat deposits have been replaced by lean muscles. These people get themselves involve in cardio and stretching exercises and as a result they have slim waist line. Foods that commonly help achieve V-shape body include; low sugar and low calorie foods, whole wheat bread, peas, beans, corn bread, and lean meat. Oval body shape is characterized by rounded body shape. People with oval body shape have more weight and fat deposit on their upper body and such people consume fatty foods (especially junk foods), alcohol, high calorie and sugar foods, and they eat very fast. Most of the people in this group often do not engage in exercises of any kind.

H shape individuals are often petite in size and they do have rectangular style body shape. The hips and shoulders of these people are often at the same width. People with H shape are often obsessed with starchy foods; they consume less of protein and minerals. Apple shape individuals on the other hand are those having more fat in the middle, chest and stomach but little in the arms and legs. These individuals consume more starchy foods and consume alcohol excessively, and their body weight is unevenly distributed. In order to shape up the body, H shape individuals much committed to body slimming exercises. Cardio exercises are often recommended to burn fat rapidly and tone the body appropriately.

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