Winning Postcard Mailing Ideas For Your Business

Submitted by: Stan .Coyle

Postcard mailing can never be taken too lightly because its consequences are always recognized as extremely effective, qualifying it as a major aspect for any marketing program. However, there are nuances that must be dealt with when pursuing a postcard marketing promotion that, if left unchecked, could make or unmake your marketing efforts. For one, you have to take into consideration the effectiveness of the postcard to capture the awareness of the target customers. You need to consider, too, the cost in undertaking the postcard marketing program in relation to your operational outlay. Aside from that, there is also a need to dress your postcards up in a way that is eye-catching and appealing, among other things. Adding to the list of these factors also are the issues on the type of postcard mailing materials and its distribution procedures. And a lot more.

Designing your postcards includes knowing beforehand your target customers. You simply cannot make a relevant proposition when you are at lost in indentifying your market niche. Determining your product features and knowing your customer needs can help you a lot in crafting a winning strategy in linking the gap between you and the customer. Not only that, the way you express your thoughts and how you translate them into the postcard mailing have significant impact in getting your customers convinced that you are the right seller. Compelling writing skills is a crucial key to achieve this.


One possibility that awaits the fate of your postcards is for the customers to dismiss them as just another random marketing effort from some pathetic marketer and so your well-thought postcards ended up on the garbage cans or as bookmarks. But this is not supposed to happen if you adopt a dependable marketing plan to engage your customers in a whole new light especially when a lot of companies nowadays are also using postcard campaigns. To make the postcard mailing stand out from the rest, it has to be something different, unique and exceptional. Better yet, consider them as talking salesmen or messengers.

An excellent postcard campaign is one that attracts the customers the first time they take hold of it. And it takes a lot of creativity and savvy to reach this level. One best method to counter this is to utilize an editorial-like headline, something that will stir them into action immediately rather than tomorrow or the next day. Note that first impressions from the customers are everything so you have to take advantage of the opportunity by making your postcards as neat, sleek and professional as possible. One glance from the customers is enough for you to convince them that you are different from the rest. So, don t blow off the opportunity.

While colorful postcards often attract your prospect s attention, there has to be a limit to it. In other words, do not overdo it. A postcard that imprints simple and clear-cut, but credible, statements is sometimes better off than an excellently-designed postcard mailing but with lousy selling proposal. Avoid being too loud in your use of the colors and recognize the fact that simplicity is elegance at its best.

Lastly, only a reputable and high-performing printing company can make your marketing campaign up and running. You just can t take chances with your sound marketing plan and allow a printing company to botch your marketing efforts.

About the Author: Stan Coyle has 25 years experience in Direct Mail marketing. He has taught seminars from New York to London and has settled in Tampa, Florida for a semi-retirement of fishing and relaxation.


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