Why Liposuction In Thailand Is Safe &Amp; Effective}

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Thanks to the popularity of procedures such as liposuction in Thailand, the global medical tourist industry is worth an estimated $20 billion a year. It is an industry that depends upon high standards of health and safety since millions of people travel from places like the UK and US in order to receive cosmetic surgery for less than half the price of their local rate. Despite the growth of medical tourism, rumour and falsehood still reigns so we would like to take this opportunity to tackle the most common concerns about medical tourism.

Travel Issues

If you are looking for liposuction in Thailand and are travelling from abroad, you will need to get your affairs in order. There is a myth which suggests that getting into Thailand is a difficult process but nothing could be further from the truth. As the nation is benefitting so much from tourism, getting your hands on a tourist visa is easier than ever. A tourist visa gives you 15-30 days in Thailand and there are countless commercial flights to and from major cities like Bangkok.


Language/Cultural Barrie

Make no mistake, Thais are fiercely proud of their culture and heritage but now that it is a major tourist location, the number of Thai nationals who speak English has skyrocketed. Tens of thousands of ex-pats make their home in Thailand each year and learning local customs and traditions is easy and fun.

When you have liposuction in Thailand, you will notice that your clinic will be staffed by fluent English speakers. At the Naravee Aesthetic Clinic for example, all employees speak fluent English so there will never be a communication issue. We guarantee that you will be made to feel at home in a private Thai clinic.

Health Issues

Scaremongers will tell you that foreign nations are filled with diseases your immune system is not used to. While this is true in some cases, all you need to do is find out more about the place you are visiting and ensure you receive the requisite immunisation. If you elect to have liposuction in Thailand, you will be in a country with a health system ranked above that of the United States so you dont need to worry about the standard of care you will receive should you fall ill. As the cost of living is relatively low in Thailand, visitors can afford the very best medical treatment.

Revision Surgery

If you really want to frighten people, tell them about botched cosmetic surgery procedures! While it is true that certain medical tourist hotspots are notorious for low quality care, most people are savvy enough to steer clear and can see the warning signs. When you have liposuction in Thailand, it will be obvious that you are in clean and hygienic facilities. If you come across a dirty clinic, common sense should tell you to cancel the procedure. It is also a fact that Thai surgeons often perform revision surgeries on patients who have had poor quality procedures elsewhere in the world!

By all means, do your research on medical tourism but once you do, it will be apparent that cosmetic surgery in Thailand is safe, effective and affordable.

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