Why It Is Necessary To Meet With A Dog Bite Lawyer In Milwaukee

October, 2013 byJacob Schrinsky

It is beneficial to Meet with a Dog bite Lawyer In Milwaukee after you sustain such an injury. Your preferred attorney will provide you with advice in relation to this litigation process. In these cases, you are filing a claim against the homeowner whose pet has attacked you or a loved one. It is up to a dog bite lawyer to build a case around the severity of this injury and testimony as to whether the animal is a threat to the public.

How to Handle an Animal Attack Claim


Your first step in litigation is to contact your attorney and offer as many details as you can in this case. The attorney will need information such as the breed of the dog, the owner’s name, and medical proof of your injuries. Your attorney may photograph your injuries as a method of presenting them in court.

Public Risk

The nature of the attack is taken into consideration when distinguishing whether the animal is a public threat. It is necessary to make a determination after such an occurrence as dogs are more likely to turn on their owners and other individuals than cats, for example. A vet is acquired to evaluate the animal and determine whether or not this was an isolated incident or whether future attacks are probable.

Your Local Injury Attorneys

As the victim of an animal attack, you may consult Jacobson, Schrinsky, and Houck to determine an effective course of action for your case. These attorneys are skilled in the litigation process as it pertains to these attacks, probable risks to the public, and the need to process a claim through the homeowner’s insurance provider. By hiring these attorneys you discover your rights as a victim and are provided with your day in court.


You should Meet with a Dog bite Lawyer in Milwaukee when you are attacked by a domestic pet. If this animal lives within your neighborhood, it is probable to believe that the animal poses an imminent threat to everyone living in this area. By filing a claim in court, you have the option to seek euthanization of this animal if the judge agrees that a threat exists.

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