Why Get A Face Lift?}

Why Get a Face Lift?


Sarah Martin

Age and gravity work together day in and day out to pull the skin on our face downward. As the collagen and elastin in our skin begins to disintegrate, we begin to lose the vital protein fibers to fight against these two extremely powerful forces. As a result we struggle with jowls and wrinkles around the chin and neck. As technology and medical knowledge continues to improve, its no wonder that getting a face lift has become more appealing.

Since the first attempts in the early 1900s, face lifts have come a long way. At first, face lifts consisted of pulling back the skin, removing excess tissue, and then closing the incision. In the 1970s, doctors found that the muscles and deeper tissues under the skin needed to be repositioned as well as the upper layer to create long-lasting results.

Modern face lifts have a much shorter and less traumatic recovery time than they used to in previous decades. There is less bruising, swelling and pain, and patients can usually return to daily tasks after a few weeks. There is also the option of a mini face lift which was developed by Dr. Scarborough and Dr. Bisaccia of the Ohio Center for Dermatology.

The mini lift can restore the jaw, cheeks, neck and chin to a more youthful state. The procedure takes about and hour and a half which includes local anestheia and patients can go home on the same day. Recovery time is on average a week. The average age of a mini face lift patient is around 50-55 when gravity and age really begin to take a toll on the face.

Though face lift surgery has become more popular and safe, it is not the only option for achieving that tight youthful look and definition we all want to preserve or correct. And with the average face lift cost falling between $7,000 and 9,000, cheaper options are available.

Facercise founded by Carol Maggio of Rodondo Beach is the natural alternative to face lifts and plastic surgery. Various face exercises repeated twice a day tone the muscles in the face with special attention to the neck and chin area. Students in one of her facercise class programs saw results within five days. There are different versions of facercises including faceworks developed in the UK and face yoga which follow similar skin tightening exercise techniques.

Anti-wrinkle, facial toning creams, and microdermabrasion are other alternatives. An experienced dermatologist can recommend top quality brands with a variety of prices. Even if the most effective cream is expensive, you will still be saving thousands compared to a face lift.

It would be wise to try natural methods before resorting to surgery due to the down time, cost, and the question of whether the results will be as you envisioned. Speaking to an experienced plastic surgeon during a consultation to voice your concerns and ask questions about the procedure is crucial before making a decision to get a face lift.

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Why Get a Face Lift?}