Wedding Time Capsules

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Lovers and romantics throughout time have yearned for a way to capture a perfect moment and preserve it for all eternity. A wedding time capsule can help make this dream come true.

Wedding time capsules are packages filled with treasures and mementos of the couple’s special day. The capsules come in many different styles, shapes and sizes, and are perfect for packing away the precious tokens that made the day so very perfect. But, what should be packed into a wedding time capsule, and who should create one?

Anyone can make a wedding time capsule. It can be a gift from the parents of the bride or groom. The bridesmaids, groomsmen or the entire bridal party can work together to create a personalized group gift. Even the couple can gather treasures and trinkets to pack away in their own wedding time capsule. The idea is to capture this very important day in their lives, and preserve it in a time capsule that they can open and cherish in years to come.


Selecting items to go into the wedding time capsule is really only limited by the size of the capsule itself. A wedding time capsule can be filled with as many wonderful things such as can be found. Tuck in a favour from the reception party, a wedding invitation and a copy of the pamphlet from the wedding ceremony. Include a copy of the wedding vows. Wine glasses from the bridal toast can be carefully wrapped and stored. Consider unusual additions, like the groom’s tie, the bride’s headpiece or a bloom from her bouquet. Virtually anything can be placed into a wedding time capsule. Ask each member of the bridal party to jot down their congratulations to the couple. The bride and groom can each add their own notes reflecting their hopes and dreams for the future. Of course, photos from the ceremony and reception should be included, as well as some candid shots of the bridal party. If the capsule is large enough, include the guest book or a champagne bottle.

Wedding time capsules can be purchased online. They are available in different themes, and often include a suggested list of items to be included.

The wedding capsule is filled, sealed and stored. The bride and groom will choose when to open the capsule, ideally on a landmark occasion such as their 25th or even 50th anniversary. A longer period of time will have greater impact and bring more joy to the couple when the capsule is opened.

The treasures found inside will have forever marked the couple’s special day, and will prove to them that it is possible to stop time and capture a perfect moment.

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