The Benefits Of Tile Roofing In Thornton, Co

byAlma Abell

According to the Tile Roofing Institute, a tile roof has a number of notable features that make it a premium building material. You can roof a home or business with tile that is made from either concrete or clay. Tiles are manufactured in various colors, from light hues to multi-colored and darker shades. Therefore, it is easy to coordinate this type of roof with the outside colors of your architecture.

A Better Appraisal Value

Tile roofing in Thornton, CO is also defined by a broad range of styles and profiles. You can pick tiles that resemble the classic barrel design, or choose tiles products that duplicate the appearance of wood or shake roofing. When your home’s roof features tiles, it will naturally receive more credits during property appraisals as well. As a result, your home will sell for a higher price and at a faster rate when tile is chosen over other products such as asphalt. Click here for more info about professional tile roofing in Thornton, CO.

Wind and Fire-resistant

When tile roofing is installed on a home, it will last a long time. In fact, some tile roofs outlive the structure they cover. Plus, this type of roof is fire-resistant and can withstand the impact of gale-force winds. Tests show that roofs of this caliber can withstand wind speeds as great as 150 miles per hour.

Roofing That Stands Up to Hail

If you are looking for hail resistance, then you will like the protection offered by tile roofing materials. That is because tile roofs feature an added tier of protection. The tile offers a water-shedding exterior and an extra barrier of protection in the form of an underlayment design. Assessments reveal that both clay and concrete tiles can resist the negative impact of hail, or stones that are golf-ball size.

So, if you are seeking an excellent roof covering, you certainly cannot go wrong when you choose tile. You can find out more about this roofing product as well as others by visiting such sites online as A & H Roofing LLC. If you want a quality material for your roof that is also an investment, tile is one building material that will not let you down.