Tattoo Preservation Tips

Tattoo Preservation Tips



These days tattoos have become something usual and natural for many people to have. It is an unique way to say something that you think or to emphasise on something important in your live. The tattoos are different and even though the human body is the same on all of us, it is very rare to see a single tattoo just the same as on someone else. Most of them are considered art and if we think that they are \”saying something\”, they are beautiful and nice to look at, we can really say that the tattoos are art. So, as with everything else, tattoos have to be preserved well and special cares must be applied in order our tattoo to keep its look for longer period of time. This should not be hard because the artists always give advices on the proper ways to keep the good look of a tattoo. However, the life not always allows us to perform all of the actions needed from us.

So, here are some tips on things that may make a tattoo look less good and the ways to prevent that.


The home cleaning is one of the procedures that we all have to perform but if some dust or dirt got on the tattoo even more if it is fresh, this can really be a problem. A serious infection may appear. So, the most important thing for the freshly made tattoo is to keep it under a cover. A plastic bag is the perfect solution for your tattoo. It makes the skin sweat and this keeps it well hydrated. To improve that, most people use Vaseline which helps the skin to stay strong and the tattoo to be supple. The easiest way to cover it is by using kitchen foil. It sticks wonderfully and can cover all of the area of the tattoo. On top of that it is cheap and easy to find.

The sun can cause some damage too. This is the reason why most people chose to tattoo themselves in the winter. This is the best thing for several reasons:

– it is hard for the sun to damage the tattoo.

– We do not need to walk around with a plastic bag wrapped on our hand or leg, so it is much more better looking.

The biggest threats for a fresh tattoo is the dust and the sun. Because of that, we really need to be careful when cleaning in our homes. because of that many people use steam cleaning machines which do not allow the dust to fly around. Others are more concerned about the chemicals in the cleaning solutions so they prefer to clean with green cleaners instead of the conventional ones. There are also people that hire cleaners like the one here , who deal with all the problems for them and do it very fast and effective.

So, these days having a tattoo is easy and the only problem for us is to pick the right design. I personally recommend the people to have something to express first, before going for a tattoo.

Some tips on how to have your Tattoo better looking and how to be safe with it in the long term!

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