Shooting Activity Requires Certain Skills

Submitted by: Leyla Useini

To reach some object primary you must full fill some requirements. We all know that. To be good in shooting you have to determinate your dominant eye, the right technique of breathing, to have power over the trigger and the most suitable body position. And after all you must have big self-confidence as you don t need some extra time thinking about how to shoot.

Making out which is your central eye is extremely important thing. If you want to be really good in shooting activity and never to fail a shot, find your central eye with the help of following method:

Locate some goal 10 feet away.

Situate your arms straight in front of you and create a small triangle using the both hands.

Perceive the picture thought the triangle with the both eyes.

Give attention to the object and with no moving your hands lock one of your eyes.

That eye that watches the center is your central eye.


The central eye is the one that you use for sighting purposes. With that eye you judge your speed and you focus much more then with non-central eye.

Technique for breathing: You can not put into background your breathing while you have a shot. Breathing run is very essential. As you take a breath and then let it go, your upper body moves causing your arm to waver. And the firearm it can move too. So it s essential to know how to hold your breathe at the minute you shoot.

When you are in shooting situation take a deep breath and hold it while you aim.

When you put all of your attention on the target- squeeze the trigger.

You must not hold the breath too long as you may lose control and start shaking. So you won t hit the point.

Control of the trigger: If you know how to have power over the trigger, you are on a true way to become good in shooting. So, this is essential for right shoot.

When the entity is on your target, you have to squeeze the trigger slowly.

Memorize not to jerk the trigger. Because anything that is not a smooth squeeze can cause a shot out off the target. So you better be careful.

Make an effort if you can shot without nervousness. It will be better if you could be relaxed, so each shot take it like surprise.

Depending of the type of shooting (shotgun or rifle) the required body position is substantially different. Some of the body positions are list below:

Prone position: put your body on the ground, so you lay on the stomach.

Sitting: sit on the ground with cross or open legs.

Kneeling: you put one leg forward and the other on the ground as you place your body on the leg that leys down.

Standing: place your body directly up.

These techniques are just one part of the shooting activity. The other part is selecting the right munitions and learning to load and unload a firearm. Shooting is not complicated to study, but it requires some perform, training and exploring of you as a person (to make out all advantages and disadvantages).

If you feel like you are in a mood for shooting, maybe you could try some shooting game just to see how good you are in hitting the target. It can give you some picture of your shooting skills. And ones you feel the atmosphere in these games, soon you will be searching for more. Try and see how it goes.

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