Risks And Contradictions Of Active Release Technique

By Terry Small

ART or active release technique is a breakthrough in the field of natural treatment which uses the manipulation of soft spots or soft tissues within the body of the patient to treat specific problems such as muscle damage, injuries, and pain. It is an excellent method of organizing groups of muscles in their original forms by releasing and loosening tension build ups around the different areas of the body.

The need for soft tissue repair and treatment in Colorado was the reason why chiropractor P. Michael Leahy invented and developed such a fantastic and effective therapeutic massage for his patients. Dr. Leahy noticed the lack of correct therapy for treating injuries related with soft tissue among his patients and that most of them suffer from this problem. This led to the development and success of active release technique.

Although it became a popular type of massage therapy due to its high success rate of 90 percent, there are still some minor risks and contradictions. Among these is the finding that this technique is not appropriate and should never be used on any active inflammation within the whole body of the patient as well as on cases of blunt trauma. The use of ART on such cases could result to the worsening of the condition of the patient. Inexperienced and unknowledgeable performance of this therapy can’t handle the treatment and removal of adhesions on the different areas of the patient’s body. However, these are minor risks and contradictions as compared to the benefits and advantages that it gives to the patients.


The advice of medical experts though should be considered before engaging on such therapeutic medical care. This type of massage therapy should also be performed by a licensed and experienced massage therapist as it involves body movement and unusual body positioning that may result to injury if not done by a knowledgeable person on human anatomy. Uncalculated positioning of the body can result to unwanted injuries on the part of the patient that is why the guidance of an expert is required on this type of therapy. Aside from the fact that using a professional ART massage therapist can lower the risk of injuries and contradictions, best results can only be achieved if massaged and worked on by these therapists.

Aside from the risks and contradictions, most reports and researches pertaining to active release technique are all pointing out the positive and beneficial results a patient can acquire from having regular sessions of this therapeutic massage technique. Actual results on patients who underwent active release technique express their wonderful experience.

Benefits of having active release technique as a part of regular medical care includes the relief of acute to chronic muscle pain, stress relief, unblocking of nerves, release of muscle tensions, strengthening of the muscle, good flexibility of the joints, and many more. Slight pain that lasts for a short period of time can also be expected after the massage session which will later on be replaced by a relaxed and relieved feeling from the therapy.

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