Operating The Gbc Mp2500ix Ibico 640id Modular Interchangeable Die Punch

By Jeff McRitchie

The GBC MP2500ix interchangeable die punch (previously the Ibico 640ID) is one of the most impressive modular binding punches on the market. It is a perfect punch for small to medium offices and small print shops. This punch, when combined with a piece of GBC modular finishing equipment creates a versatile production system. This article will provide you with some simple instructions for using your GBC MP2500ix punch.

1. Select a die set for your MP2500ix and insert fully into the system. You may first have to remove a die set already in the system.

2. Determine the number of holes required for your document, and deselect any pins not required. The pins are located under the Selector Pin Lid.

3. The edge guide on the MP2500ix punching table has a number of alignment markings that correspond to the correct Edge Guide position for a variety of punching patterns and paper sizes. To adjust the Edge Guide to the proper cover/paper selection, ie. 11′ x 8-1/2′ to center the holes in the paper from top to bottom of the binding edge, loosen the Edge Guide Knob by turning it counter-clockwise. Slide the Edge Guide to the correct alignment mark that corresponds to your selected punching pattern and paper size. Tighten the Edge Guide Knob to lock the Edge Guide in place. Please note, the markings for the location of the Edge Guide are approximate, and you may have to slightly adjust the Edge Guide within the area of the marking to obtain correct centering. It is important that the Edge Guide be properly positioned for the size paper/cover you are punching.


4. Turn the system on by pushing the ON/Off switch at the back of the unit to ON (I). Verify that the Power light is on. Select a small list of paper, and place it vertically into the Punch Throat. Slide the stack of sheets all the way to the left, against the Edge Guide. Activate the punch cycle by either pressing the Palm Switch or the Foot Pedal. Remove the punched material. To determine if the Edge Guide is set correctly, fold a single sheet of the punched paper in half along the punched edge. Match the holes up – if the corners of the paper match with no overlap – the space above the first hole is the same amount of space above the last hole, the alignment is correct. If not, readjust the Edge Guide (very slightly – a small move can make a big difference) and repeat the process until the edges are squared. The punch is now ready to use.

* For Velobind, follow the preceding procedure, but when you fold the paper in half along the bind edge, the two holes closest to the ‘V’ of the paper are your center points. If the paper is aligned at that point, the Die Set is properly centered.

* Because of its open end Punch Throat design, the MP2500ix can punch non-standard sheet sizes that are larger than the maximum width of the paper that can be punched in one operation. Not that multiple steps are required to punch these larger sheets of paper. Some experimentation will be required to determine the correct position for the Edge Guide. You may need to remove some of the Punch Pins for proper punching of some combinations of paper sizes and punching patterns. This can be quickly and easily accomplished by following this guideline – firs remove the Die Set you will be using

o Determine the punch pins to be removed – note, you will be punching the paper two times – first one half, then the other. To prepare for this operation, first place a single sheet of the non-standard size paper to be punched beside the dieset. Carefully fold the sheet in half. Holding the half sheet up to the pins, determine which pins will be required to punch HALF of the paper.

o Remove the extra punch pins by gently pressing down on the top rail of the Die Set. Unlatch the hook end of the Pin Retainer Rail (beside the Die Set Handle) and swing it free from the top of the Punch Pins. Pull the Punch Pins out that are not required. Reattach the Punch Pin Retainer.

o Reinstall the die set by sliding the die set into the machine as previously instructed.

o Test several sheets of paper by punching one half, turning the paper around, then punching the other half. Adjust the Edge Guide and/or number the Punch Pins as needed to acquire the desired results.

5. The 640ID uses a variety of easily interchangeable Die Sets, which versatility is one of the main features that makes this system so desirable, as it allows the operator create many different images with the select bind styles. Note: each punching style listed below requires a separate Die Set, with the exception of the 2-4/3-5-7 Die Set, which is for Looseleaf Binding styles. A decal on the handle of each interchangeable die set indicates the punching pattern.

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