Michigan Fishing At Her Finest

Submitted by: Wendell Demont

Fishing is no doubt one the most relaxing and refreshing escapes to clear the mind and enjoy mother nature at her fullest. Who doesn’t remember the first time they caught a fish, the feeling of absolute bliss when they hold their first catch high for all to see. Whether it be on a boat floating on a lake, waist deep in the running waters of a river, or sitting on shore, the feeling is always the same. Fishing is a peaceful way to sit back and get lost is one’s thoughts. The feel of the breeze on your skin as you sit back and get caught up in the natural rhythm of the water. Peace and quite, something that is extremely hard to come by these days. Heaven has never been so close.

Of the many places that I have fished none have left a lasting

impression with me the way Michigan did. Michigan boasts hundreds of great lakes filled to the brim with a huge assortment of fish. Michigan also boasts hundreds of miles worth of rivers which are also great for fishing. Lake Trout, Anglers, and Walleye, you name it and Michigan has it. I had heard that the upper peninsula of Michigan boast to have the best fishing in the entire state, and from my experience, fishing throughout the state, I have found this true. Of all the Michigan fishing I have done no area was more enchanting that the upper peninsula.


This area of Michigan is a sparsely populated paradise which is an absolute delight to fish in. The water is as clear as the air and the fish are as friendly as the local residents. Hundreds of lakes are begging to explored and have their waters harvested of their aquatic treasures. This breathtaking land has the power to invigorate and refresh the soul. It holds an almost other worldly charm that the cities just cannot compete with. Michigan fishing at her finest.

Everything about the upper peninsula of Michigan holds true to the rustic feeling that the area seems completely saturated in. Even the lodgings give you the sense that you transported to a simpler and more naturalistic time. Many of these inns are so close to water sources that you can you take a small hike and be at one of the countless fishing spots in the area where you can fish or just dip you feet in the refreshing lake water. This act only adds more to the quaintness of the area. There are many trails in which you can hike and explore should you need a break from fishing (I never did). My absolute favorite place that I fished during my Michigan fishing trip was Lake Michigamme, which is located in Crystal Falls, Michigan and is known for its northern pike, crappie, bass, and walleye. It was an absolute joy to fish there and the lake water was absolutely gorgeous.

The upper peninsula is also well-known for its ice fishing. So should you find that itch to fish in the winter months you need look no further than Michigan. The area is an absolute wonderland in the winter and is just begging for exploration. If you have never ice fished before I suggest you give it a try, it is an exhilarating new take on the old hobby of fishing. Just another reason to spend a season in Michigan fishing.

So if you are looking for a place to have a have a relaxing and

efreshing escape from the noisy and fast paced world I would highly recommend you spend a week in Michigan fishing. Between all the fish to be caught and the lakes to be explored you are sure to have a wonderful time out on the water.


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