How Hole In One Insurance Is Benefitting Many Companies And Individuals Alike

Submitted by: Joy Price

Jim is helping organize a golf tournament which will occur in June. It s nearing the 10th year in a row that he has helped put it on. Unfortunately for Jim, he is finding himself all but completely disenchanted with the idea of even holding the tournament. Last year, he noticed a drastic decrease in the number of players compared to years prior. Stress and confusion began to overwhelm him. What was he doing wrong? He advertised properly, didn t change the location of the tournament (in fact, the golf course they have been using over the years was one of the most desirable ones in the area), organized the event in ample time So what was happening?

Sound like you or anyone you know? Well, here s some good news: there s an easy way to regain the interest of those players you seem to have lost over time– it s called hole in one insurance.

[ What is hole in one insurance? ]


Hole in one insurance is a fun and easy way to add excitement and even help generate more revenue for your next golf tournament; it is a type of prize indemnification insurance. It works a lot like any other kind of insurance policy, except that instead of insuring your property against damage, you re paying a premium to avoid the risk of having to pay for a prize if someone makes a hole in one during your event. That s right– Hole In One International assumes the risk.

[ How much does it cost? ]

When you use hole in one insurance, you pay a hole in one insurance provider a small fee (or premium) which is based upon three factors: the number of people playing in the golf tournament, the value of the prize you re giving away and the length of the hole you want to insure out on the course. Minimum yardage is 135 yards.* If someone aces (gets a hole in one) on that particular target hole, your hole in one coverage kicks in, and we will pay for the prize. Worried that a package like this may be too expensive? Premiums are as low as $150!

[ How do I know you re legitimate? ]

Hole In One International is proud to be underwritten by the Praetorian Insurance Company, which is part of QBE Insurance Group, one of the top 25 insurers/reinsurers worldwide. They are “A” Rated by A.M. Best underwriting, the world’s leading insurance rating agency. This made Praetorian Insurance Company the logical choice to underwrite our hole in one insurance program.

[ What else do I get with it? ]

Hole in one insurance comes with up to 4 non-target auxiliary prizes for the other par 3 holes on the golf course (135 yard minimum), free signage and a free tee prize. Shootout events excluded.

Have any questions? Want to obtain more information, or maybe even a free, no obligation quote? Visit Hole In One International s website today or give them a call and get started!

About the Author: Joy works in Marketing at Hole In One International, the leading provider of hole in one insurance.


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