Considerations When Ordering A Military Ring For A Loved One

Considerations when Ordering a Military Ring for a Loved One



The military ring is a very important item to the troop who wears it because it is used to commemorate the memory of a very special time in his or her life. The loved one whom you want to purchase the ring for will appreciate it much more if you do the appropriate research before you determine the custom work that you will place on it.

The first thing which you should consider is the type of metal which you will use in the design of your ring. The most popular metal which we provide is celestrium. The celestrium ring is composed of an alloy which looks exactly like 14kt white or yellow gold. One of the reasons why it is so popular is the price as well as the quality. This alloy is the toughest metal that I have ever seen in a ring and it does not tarnish. The person who you purchase the ring for will only have to wipe it with a polishing cloth every few years in order to maintain its luster.


This ring is perfect for the person who will wear it each day and may want to wear it while they work. It will withstand just about anything that you can throw at it.

Some people will only wear gold which is fine. Many of our customers want the 14kt white or yellow gold with white gold being the more popular of the two. I have noticed that most of the military retirement rings that we sell are gold rings. The retiree is putting the finishing stamp on a long illustrious career and they usually want to commemorate their service with a gold ring. Gold makes a statement. Gold is the standard for a commemorative ring which is why it is preferred. 10kt Gold is more popular because it is a harder medal, but the really serious retiree wants the 14kt gold.

Remember that the ring finger on the right hand will generally be larger than the ring finger on the left hand so you need to be sure to have the correct size. My right ring finger is larger even though I am left handed. Keep in mind that fingers will swell and contract depending on many factors. The most influential factor is weather. Fingers get larger in hot weather and smaller in the winter. A high sodium diet will also cause the fingers to swell. Fingers tend to get larger as we grow older and gain weight. You are entitled to one free resizing when you order your ring from us. There is a small resizing fee each additional time that you have to use this service. The resizing fee is very nominal because you are our customer and we do all that we can to help.

You need to check to see if the company who offers your ring will give you a lifetime warranty. All of the major companies who are reputable will do so. You shouldn t have to wrangle or pay to get a lifetime warranty for your new product if the company is reputable. The companies who have been around for awhile won t hesitate to give you such a guarantee because they want to keep their reputation for quality.

Another consideration is the customization that you want to put on your ring. A good company will not require you to pay extra for custom work because they have already made the dies needed to cast your ring design. The only time that you should be charged extra for custom work is when you create a brand new design. You want free customization because you want the ring to tell the complete story of the person who is wearing it.

A reputable company will not attempt to tell you what you want. They will listen and attempt to help you with the choices that you need to make. A good salesperson will listen and attempt to politely steer you in the direction that you seem to want to go.

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